The Ultimate Fleshjack Guide 2017

This article is a shout out to our gay readers, one of whom requested we compile a guide for the best gay masturbaters around right now. In the world of pocket pussies, nothing much can hold a candle against what Fleshlight/Fleshjack have to offer, so we zeroed in on them. Unfortunately their website can be intimidating or confusing for a first time looker, with insane amounts of options and sizes for potential toys. We spent a few hours clicking around trying to sort it all out and making comparisons between various models, and we’ve distilled it down into our guide below!

An Intro to Fleshlight/Fleshjack

Fleshlight and Fleshjack are two sides of the same coin, Fleshlight targeting the straight audience and Fleshjack (or “gay fleshlight”) targeting the gay one. The company has specialized in making quality pocket pussies and male masturbaters for more than 20 years, and their success shows in the fact that Fleshlight is basically a household name at this point.

Fleshlights/Fleshjacks are made of a patented material called “Superskin”, which is very soft to the touch and meant to closely mimic the real feel of flesh, especially if warmed up. This softness is maintained by cleaning your toy properly after use, and if you scroll down past our model options breakdown we’ll tell you more about how to clean and maintain them.

Ice vs. Classic

When purchasing a fleshjack, you’ll often run into ice models and classic models, each offering a different experience for the toy. The classic look is an all-black case, while the Ice models are mostly transparent. If you look below you can see we have a picture of an ice version of the quickshot, while the others are in black classic containers. We personally like the Ice better, and here’s why:

  • Instead of blindly providing motion, you can see where your dick is going and see how the textures are affecting you
  • You get a view of the fireworks at the end, which you wouldn’t get otherwise
  • If you’re playing with a partner, they have a better view of the internal texture and can more accurately sync up with your actions

Model Options

There are five main size and style options available. The smallest is the Fleshjack Quickshot, while occupying the middle range are the Go, the Flight, and the Sex in a can. Although similarly sized, the 3 middle range models each have their own pros and cons which we will review below. Finally, the largest model is the Fleshjack Classic, which more than makes up for it’s size with the sheer amount of options you have as far as insertable sleeves and sensations. We’ll break down the five models below, going from smallest to largest.

Fleshjack Quickshot

Fleshjack Quickshot

Measuring in at 4.4 inches tall with 3.5 inches of insertable length, the Quickshot is the smallest fleshjack to date. This model is designed for maximum portability/discreetness. What sets it apart from other fleshjack models is that this model is open on both ends, meaning that the top of your dick will be protruding out of the top of it.

Comes in 3 options: Quickshot Vantage, Quickshot Boost, and the Brent Corrigan Quickshot


  • Easy to clean compared to other fleshlights, the dual end means you can simply flush it with water/toy cleaner and leave it to dry
  • Open ends mean it can be used in couple’s play as blowjob/handjob enhancer
  • Cheapest of all fleshlight options, with prices ranging from $28 to $40


  • Open top means that although you won’t be cleaning the toy as much, you will be cleaning cum off yourself
  • The smaller case leaves less to grip, can get slippery if you get lube on your hands


Fleshjack Go

Fleshjack Go

After the Quickshot, the next smallest model goes with 7 inches of height, 6.5 inches of that being insertable length. The Go is more compact and easy to hold then its full-sized cousin the Classic, and this smaller size comes with a cheaper price.

Comes in 2 options: Go Torque Ice and Go Surge Butt


  • The shape the best and most secure grip when compared to Sex In A Can and the Flight models
  • Smaller and lighter than other models, easy portability


  • Not as discreet as Sex In A Can or Flight models
  • Insertable length may not be enough for more gifted users
  • Slightly more expensive ($59) than the Flight ($50) and the Sex In A Can ($50), although still cheaper than the full sized model

Sex In A Can

Fleshjack Sex in a Can

The Sex In A Can model is the one you’re gonna want to go with if you’re going for maximum discretion. It measures in at 8 inches, same as a tall soda can or energy drink. Insertable length is not listed, but we’re going to assume about 6 to 6.5 inches based on the similarly sized Go and Flight models.

Comes in 3 options: Jack’s Cherry Pop, Jack’s Banana Cream Soda, Jack’s Gape Soda


  • Most discreet option when compared to the similarly sized Go and Flight
  • Can’s size makes for a smaller and tighter sensation, especially good for normal or smaller sized users
  • Slightly cheaper ($50) than the Go ($59)


  • The can does not allow for a great grip, especially if it gets any lube on it
  • Insertable length may not be enough for more gifted users

 Fleshjack Flight

Fleshjack Flight

Like the Sex In A Can, the Fleshjack Flight is all about discretion. Unlike the Go, which sports the universally recognizable Fleshlight design, the Flight sports a sophisticated and modern looking case which could easily be mistaken for an air purifier or other device.This definitely wins out over the go in terms of pure aesthetics, but it also has .5 inches less of insertable length and a design that, although not as much as the Sex In A Can, become slippery when wet.

Comes in three options: Flight Aviator, Flight Pilot, and Flight Instructor


  • Discreet, and more textured and easily grippable than Sex In A Can
  • Most aesthetically pleasing when compared to the Go and the Sex In A Can
  • Slightly cheaper ($50) than the Go ($59)


  • Among mid-size options, still doesn’t offer as secure of a grip as the Go
  • Less insertable length than the Go, may not be enough for bigger guys

 Classic Fleshjack

Fleshjack Classic

Finally, we have the one and only, the original Fleshjack. At almost 10 inches long with 8.5 inches of insertable length, this toy can handle almost anyone. As this is the original model, the array of options for this toy is staggering. You have the simple Fleshjack Classic, the Fleshjack Turbo Series, the Endurance Jack Series, a vibrating option, a selection of 8 sleeves you can buy and switch into your case, and to cap if off they even have a Build Your Own Fleshjack tool. They have something for just about everyone, and it’s this range of custom options which really puts them ahead of the game when you’re looking for the best gay masturbater.


  • More sleeve options that we could reasonably list out here, each offering different textures and sensations to drive your dick wild
  • Offers more insertable length than any other model
  • Shaped and textured to offer excellent grip during use


  • Not as discreet as other options
  • Largest and heaviest model, may be more than needed if you’re on the smaller side
  • Most expensive, with most models around $70 and extra sleeves around $50


Cleaning and Maintenence

When it comes time to clean your Fleshjack, it is important to remember DO NOT USE SOAP. This can negatively affect the superskin and cause it to deteriorate. The best method is is to rinse the sleeve with warm water, and use a small amount of antibacterial sex toy cleaner to clean it off. Because the Fleshjack is made of a porous material it can be easier for bacteria to grow inside, which would make your toy pretty gross, so it’s important to make sure you clean it well. To dry it off, shake it out as much as possible and then put it in a well-ventilated area to dry.

Another way to maintain the softness of your Fleshjack is to powder it every now and then with corn starch. Do not use another powder, such as baby powder or talcum powder, as this may damage your toy or cause irritation to your skin. The corn starch helped to keep your Fleshjack feeling soft, so that every time you use it is as good as the first time.

Helpfully enough, the Fleshjack people have their own toy cleaner and powder kit to help maintain your toy.



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